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We literally thought we were just going to get caught.Then he started slowly approaching us and asked if we had seen a guy walking around with a trash can and we pointed him in the other direction.So we changed it up and decided to just shoot it on a bench in the station.As we’re shooting a cop approaches and we hid our camera and equipment and he kind of just hung around staring at us.It was a grueling process and I slept maybe two hours, but we actually won the competition.For 48 hours, I think the movie is not half bad too. We had to shoot the entire short within a 12 hour window at this hospital set or we would be charged for another day and that wasn’t something we could afford.

The production designer made some gross mixture of bread, strawberry syrup, and food coloring and every take he threw it and kept missing the poster and hitting the walls.I recently finished writing a feature film called with Patrick Dorsey about a group crossing the longest bridge in the world to escape a zombie infested New Orleans.I’m also in the process of writing an experimental short on the topic of online dating that’ll also play with the lines of comedy/drama.Once he turned the corner we finished up the scene and ran out of there. One thing that I’ve really been embracing lately is trying to make something that only I could make.I feel like a lot of people fall into the trap of just recreating the things that they liked seeing on TV or in theaters.

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